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Smoky Quartz 19x34mm Rounded Square Perfume Bottle Necklace with Silver Stainless Steel Chain

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1 per bag
Pendant sizes are approximate
Necklace is 20" and has a 2" adjustable clasp
Each bag also includes a plastic dropper for filling the bottle pendant with your favorite perfume or essential oil.

Smoky Quartz is a deep brown or grey variation of the Quartz crystal. Named for its smoky appearance, Smoky Quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland and has been mined in the British Isles since 300 BCE. Smoky Quartz is most often sourced today from Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States. Metaphysical healers use Smoky Quartz to aid in letting go of past hurts and stepping into the present moment with gratitude. This stone is also said to hold properties that alleviate mental heaviness associated with stress and grief.

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"I love ordering my supplies for my jewelry hobby/business, their stuff is top quality and I plan on continuing to order from them in the future."

Elizabeth B.

"I have always liked Cherry Tree Beads immensely for their wonderful taste in beads that no one else has yet! On top of that, their Customer Representatives are very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and just plain FUN (such as Liz, with whom I just spoke & she was a font of information ... I really enjoyed the giggles!). The pricing is good. The quality of everything I have received for the last 8 or more years has been surprisingly great!"


"I can't say enough good things about this shop, especially if you are new to beading and beaded jewelry. There are beads (and subsequent other materials) for every skill level AND every budget. They also have a warehouse next door, and inventory is always full. One of my favorite qualities from Cherry Tree is their support for the artists who shop at their store. Their IG is full of tagged artists using Cherry Tree Beads for their projects. This kind of promotion and support truly helps open customers to new artisans they may otherwise never know. If you are new to beading, I hope you find yourself immersed in this extraordinary little shop and the community they foster."

Isa Z.

"LOVE Cherry Tree Beads! This store is beautiful and the quality of their merchandise is top notch. Prices are very reasonable and they often have sales. The classroom is very nice and I have enjoyed all of the classes I have taken here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Wide array of gemstone and non-gemstone beads, tools, and supplies. They also have some very cool specimens. Ordering online is a breeze, and their website is set up very well. Shipping is fast and packaged well. Cannot say enough good things about Cherry Tree, and I am happy to give them all my money!"

Tiffany B.