Angelite Tower - approx. 2-3", 1 piece

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  • Angelite Tower - approx. 2-3", 1 piece
  • Angelite Tower - approx. 2-3", 1 piece
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Natural Gemstone
Each piece is hand selected and unique.
Sizes, colors, and shapes vary.
When using natural stones as a pointed crystal, the healing energy will be concentrated through the tip of the stone.
This is not a bead and has no holes.

Angelite is a lovely pale blue stone with an opaque finish. This stone is most often sourced from Peru and Mexico, although it has also been found in parts of Europe and the Middle East. Angelite is believed to have a metaphysical connection to spiritual realms, particularly the afterlife. Many gemstone healers use Angelite to connect with guardian angels and transform grief into a positive healing process.

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