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Carved Honey Jade Full Moon Crystal Sphere Specimen - approx. 1.5", 1 piece

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Natural Gemstone. Each piece is unique. Sizes, colors, and shapes vary.
When using natural stones as crystal balls, the healing energies emit equally throughout the whole sphere. Whereas if you are using a pointed crystal, the healing energy will be concentrated through the tip of the stone. This is not a bead and has no holes.
Honey Jade is thought to be a powerful gemstone for balancing emotions and radiating divine unconditional love. It can repel negativity from the third chakra (solar plexus) and has been used throughout history to access to the spiritual worlds and as a sacred stone.

Jade is an opaque green gemstone with many color variations that are commonly used in Chinese sculpture and carvings. Jade is considered in Chinese culture to symbolize immortality, and many Chinese people throughout history are buried with Jade carvings and/or jewelry. Metaphysical healers believe that Jade crystals hold spiritual properties that can enhance gratitude, joy, and contentment with financial status.

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