Carved Wood Focal Bead - 22x38mm Boxwood Top Drilled Kuan Yin with Crown of Faces, 1 per bag

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1 per bag with a flat back
Please expect some variations in color.
Kuan Yin is the protector of women, children, sailors, fishermen, anyone in trouble, and the sick, disabled, and poor. She is the embodiment of compassion. According to legend, Kuan Yin tried so strenuously to alleviate the suffering of beings that her head split into eleven pieces. Wanting to help, Amitabha Buddha awarded her eleven heads with which to hear the cries of the world, but when she heard all the cries and reached out to address the needs of so many, her two arms shattered. This time, Amitabha gave Kuan Yin a thousand arms, and it's said that even now she's still using those arms to offer her compassion to all.
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