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Indonesian Tektite 25mm Moon Face Pendant with a Flat Back and Sterling Silver Bail - 1 per bag

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Natural Gemstone

Tektite is a dark grey mineral with a textured, chalky finish. In jewelry design, Tektite looks great with both silver and gold metals. We love pairing Tektite with other black or grey gemstones like Hematite, Black Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, Onyx, and Black Obsidian.

Tektite is made of solidified materials found at the site of a fallen meteor's impact. Most Tektite is found in The Philippines, Thailand, and the Ivory Coast of West Africa. This stone is named for the Greek word "tektos" meaning "molten," in reference to its meteor origin.

Metaphysically, Tektite is said to enhance spiritual connection and awareness.

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