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Iolite Tower - approx. 3-4", 1 piece

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  • Iolite Tower - approx. 3-4", 1 piece
  • Iolite Tower - approx. 3-4", 1 piece
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Natural Gemstone
Each piece is hand selected and unique.
Sizes, colors, and shapes vary.
When using natural stones as a pointed crystal, the healing energy will be concentrated through the tip of the stone.
This is not a bead and has no holes.

Iolite is a beautiful deep purple or indigo gemstone. This stone is named after the Greek word “io,” meaning “violet.” Iolite was used as a spiritual stone and talisman in the Viking era often referred to as “Viking’s Compass.” Metaphysical healers believe that Iolite can be used to open up deeper self-expression and personal empowerment. Iolite is also believed to increase harmony in relationships and conflict resolution.

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