Rose Quartz Crystal Grid with Amethyst & Rose Quartz Marble Set

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Grid size: 4"
Marbles range in size from 16-20mm
This is not a bead and has no holes.

Crystal Grids are powerful tools used for healing and manifesting a goal or need. The power comes from the combined energies of intention setting, the crystals you use, and how they are arranged on the grid. There aren't any hard rules on how to accomplish this so allow your intuition to guide you in placing your crystals while declaring your intention. Some people also add small trinkets or gifts from nature, such as flowers, to adorn crystal grids. Arranging crystal grids can be a beautiful practice to help you bring your goals to fruition and connect with your dreams.
Use Rose Quartz to bring harmony and trust into a relationship. Being known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz will open your heart to love of oneself, love of others, and universal love of all things.
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