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Sodalite 5-8mm Chip Beads - 31" circular strand

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  • Sodalite 5-8mm Chip Beads - 34" circular strand
  • Sodalite 5-8mm Chip Beads - 34" circular strand
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Natural Gemstone

Sodalite is a deep blue stone with white and beige inclusions. First found in Greenland, Sodalite is most commonly sourced from Canada, the United States, and Russia. This stone was named for its high content of sodium. Sodalite is sometimes referred to as “Princess Blue” since it was known as a favorite gemstone of Princess Margaret. Sodalite is known in the metaphysical community as the Logic Stone, encouraging intuition, truth, and wisdom. This stone is also thought to help us communicate calmly with others to resolve conflicts rationally.

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