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Tiffany Stone 8mm Round Beads - 15 inch strand

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  • Tiffany Stone 8mm Round Beads - 15 inch strand
  • Tiffany Stone 8mm Round Beads - 15 inch strand

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Natural Gemstone
approximate hole size: .75mm
approximately 52 beads per strand

Tiffany Stone, also known as Bertrandite, stands as a unique and captivating gemstone, cherished for its mesmerizing array of colors and intriguing patterns. Named after the famous jewelry company, Tiffany & Co., this stone is found predominantly in Utah, USA. Comprising a beautiful blend of purples, pinks, and whites, Tiffany Stone is often admired for its resemblance to a painter's palette.

In jewelry design, Tiffany Stone becomes a canvas for creativity, harmonizing effortlessly with various metals and gemstones. Its soft pastel tones make it a versatile choice for both bold statement pieces and delicate, intricate designs.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Tiffany Stone is believed to possess metaphysical properties associated with enhancing intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. This gemstone is considered a conduit for higher consciousness, making it a sought-after choice for those drawn to its ethereal charm.

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